🏜️Explore procedurally generated maps, each with a unique keystone location. Conquer the wasteland while forging alliances, facing relentless foes, and unearthing precious treasures.

🏠Unlock new units and cosmetics and make your base unique to you. Units bring permanent buffs, expand crafting and cooking options, and unlock weapon modding!

🤑Sustain your comatose clients with a steady stream of blood, the currency of the cyber-wasteland. Hunt the weak, gather their blood, and cash in on your client payments!

⚔️Meet intriguing characters and unravel their quests to delve deep into the world of Blood Running. Collect valuable loot to enhance your base, strike deals with merchants, modify your weapons, and craft new items.

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Blood Running

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🩸Blood Running is a thrilling extraction shooter where you must scavenge a procedurally-generated cyber-dystopian wasteland, collect blood, loot valuable gear, and venture into the remnants of a world in ruins. When the chips are down, you must bleed to survive.